Program surveys, reviews and audits are a valuable way to refine programming, reinforce quality standards and offer proof of impeccable service. ADEC furthers its mission of choice and possibility every time services pass critical review.

Over the past few months, music therapy was audited and 12 of our group homes had their annual surveys and reviews. All came through with flying colors. Read on to learn more about the services and the steps required for success.

Music Therapy

For nearly 15 years, ADEC has provided music therapy services for adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Through the healing power of music, many clients have discovered their voice for the first time, learned to execute everyday routines such as making their bed and brushing their teeth, and developed the social skills needed to make a friend.

One-on-one music therapy sessions take place every day all over ADEC. Each person receiving the service has received a specialized waiver funding the time spent in therapy. A team of three music therapists work together to serve 160 clients each year.

For the first time in 10 years, Music Therapy was contacted this year for a random audit by Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration. Over the course of a few months, state auditors reviewed the client roster and all documentation from 2015.

Essentially, the auditors were focused on matching up the notes from 2015 with billing invoices to ensure everything matched up perfectly. The process ended with a phone interview requesting information in every area of service.

In the end, Michelle McGuin, ADEC director of Family Services, received a letter stating ADEC’s music therapy services were “flawless.”

“It’s nice to know we are doing everything correctly, because a lot of time you don’t hear until there’s something wrong,” Michelle said. “Our clients can have the satisfaction of knowing they receive state-certified ‘flawless’ service here at ADEC.”

Residential Services

ADEC operates 14 group homes for a total 120 adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Two annual governmental reviews are critical for ongoing licensure and funding to make this housing option available.

ADEC group living services not only provides an essential lifeline for both clients who do not have people in their lives to provide appropriate care, but it also serves as a stepping stone for clients who wish to lead a more independently life. It can also be a reassuring milestone for aging parents.

Many of the people served by ADEC desire to live as independent a life as possible. After watching siblings, friend and other family members grow up, move out and lead a life independent of mom and dad, these clients wish to do the same.

Another group of clients who enjoy group home services are those who have spent most of their lives receiving impeccable home care. However, mom and dad are growing older and would like to see their child firmly established in a healthy, reliable living situation.

ADEC group living provides a solution for both of these client groups. The person desiring independence can move in and have the comfort of staff on hand, but is free to live as independently as they wish in the group living setting. For the clients whose parents are in need of trusted care, each person receives personalized, quality care, ensuring everyday living does not have to be a stressor.

This year, 12 of our 14 group homes have already successfully passed their annual review process. Two homes remain on the list for the random review dates. The group homes are reviewed for their adherence to state and federal regulations. Each home has an additional review by the State Department of Health on Life Safety.

Program managers, group home manager and direct support professionals work together to not only create a welcoming atmosphere of choice, comfort and safety, but also to provide extensive documentation for each person served.

“This year’s success was due to a well-unified team of DSP’s, QIDP’s, Managers and myself,” Brenda Falcone, ADEC director of residential services, said. “As long as we work together and assist each other we will be successful. It also helps that we serve an awesome population in our group homes.”

Photo by Rod Tackett | Communications Specialist