The My ADEC Story series features staff members from all across ADEC as they share why they enjoy working here and what means the most to them. This latest installment comes from Maria Nnachi, a DSP at Ashley Court Group Home.

ADEC, since its establishment, has played a valuable role within the Elkhart community and the state of Indiana at large. As a non-profit agency, it has gone beyond belief to make a tremendous impact in the lives of the people we support. One particular area that I would like us to acknowledge their work is ADEC Industries. The industry which is situated at the industrial park in Elkhart County has much to offer when it comes to improving lives of majority of the people with disabilities.

ADEC’s main mission has been to impact the lives of our community by making a difference. In other to fulfill its mission statement of “Choice, Possibility,” ADEC Industries’ ethics and model have created, and is still creating jobs for most vulnerable members of our society. Families of ADEC clients and client workers personally have an opportunity to achieve their dreams of being gainfully employed in the job force. I believe this is a major milestone of achievement for them. This is what ADEC’s open door policy for all has come to achieve.

The ingenuity and creativity of the industrial staff who train and support these employees are worthy of honor at all levels. My experience while visiting the industry gave me an overview of the staff resourcefulness which helps all workers to do their job with better understanding of what is expected of them. This gives all workers greater sense of accomplishment irrespective of their physical disposition.

My gratitude goes to the public and private sectors who lends their support to ADEC, and ADEC’s employees who have come to demonstrate and employ their skills, which assists our clients.