ADEC is pleased to announce a new way for State buyers to purchase our brand of trash liners known as Silver Linings.

The Indiana Department of Administration, in partnership with Ability Indiana, has created a direct sourcing partnership between Fastenal and two Certified Ability Indiana organizations — ADEC Industries and Bosma Enterprises — that will allow State users to purchase trash liners, disposable gloves and work gloves through Fastenal’s contract.

This program will increase the cost savings to the State, clarify and streamline the ordering process, and increase visibility and purchase of products from the Ability Indiana Program to State Agencies and local governmental entities.

Beginning on January 1, 2020, all State buyers should begin purchasing trash liners, disposable gloves, and work gloves through Fastenal’s contract.
When searching the catalog, ADEC Inc. and Bosma Enterprises’ products will be clearly marked as products from the Ability Indiana Program; additionally, they will be the only products available with their exact specifications (size and thickness of trash liner, for example). This will make the Ability Indiana products more easily accessible and will allow buyers to submit one PO where they used to have to create separate orders. All other available trash liners and gloves – i.e. those with different specifications – will also still be available in Fastenal’s catalog.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IDOA Vendor Manager Emily Cranfill at [email protected] or Ability Indiana Account Executive Asher Weaver at [email protected].