When ADEC’s Gaining Grounds Coffee House in Bristol reopens on July 6th, the agency-wide community outreach focal point will be tied even closer to the local community.

During the three-plus month public closure, Gaining Grounds switched its coffee supplier from an out-of-state company to Goshen’s own Refinery Coffee Company, giving ADEC just another direct connection to a community where it services over 1,200 clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Refinery’s air-roasted direct trade coffee beans will only add to the 68-year bond between ADEC and Elkhart County along with making both its hot and cold coffee offerings even tastier. Later this summer, there will also be a pair of yet-unnamed exclusive ADEC blends (both espresso and house).

“We wanted to support the community that supports us,” ADEC vice president of community outreach Cherri Peate said of the switch. “Our regulars will find this blend is smoother and richer. It will be especially noticeable when we mix espresso drinks with our flavored syrups because the espresso won’t overpower the other flavors. This switch benefits everybody by coupling good taste with staying true to Elkhart County.”

“I just think it’s a win-win for both of us,” said Refinery owner Regina Troyer who can claim a former family member among the many local residents who have directly benefitted from ADEC’s services. “I’m all about supporting local. I love the option of delivering it fresh. Fresh is a huge part of our business that we’re passionate about. I like to empower people in our community to try and make our community a better place and I love ADEC’s mission.”

Troyer cares about her products enough that she gave personal lessons to Gaining Grounds baristas on proper brewing when dropping off the first load of beans last week.

In addition to the Refinery, ADEC also expects to announce an additional pair of product vendors over the coming days (one each in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties) to augment its already-strong area ties formed over 68 years of serving the local IDD community.

As social distancing timeframes continue to be extended, Gaining Grounds will be adding curbside pickup service mid-month for our customers which allows us to continue our relationship with our customers without compromising their health or that of our baristas. Customers will be able to phone in an order to (574) 848-2446 and have a barista deliver it to their vehicle if they so choose. Gaining Grounds baristas have been trained in ServSafe’s COVID-19 takeout precautionary measures.

Hours of business in Bristol will be from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Bristol Gaining Grounds Coffee House also features ample free parking, patio seating and a recently-expanded gallery of Art By ADEC for coffee drinkers to peruse and purchase. Gaining Grounds will continue to sell prepackaged food items, snacks and other beverages such as water, juice, iced tea and soft drinks.

In addition to the coffee house, ADEC’s Gaining Grounds Conference Center will once again accept reservations for gatherings with the size limited to whatever quantity is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the time of the event. As with the coffee house, the conference center will adhere to all applicable local, state, and federal regulations and public health agency guidelines.

The Gaining Grounds Coffee House in Goshen will remain closed for the time being due to concerns about the novel coronavirus and that store being located within an ADEC day center.