A selective application process, four trips to Indy, 60 hours of training, binders of robust curriculum, and finally, a graduation. Nine months after she first began the process to apply for the INARF Leadership Academy, ADEC is proud to announce the graduation of Christy Irwin, our therapy program manager, from the rigorous leadership training at INARF.

INARF (Indiana Association of Rehab Facilities) is an organization that represents providers who offer services to those with disabilities at the government level.  In its effort to strengthen the system for Indiana residents with disabilities, INARF hosts an exclusive professional development training that focuses on “employees who demonstrate a commitment to the future of our industry, leadership and a strong drive to achieve greater levels of responsibility” in order to grow the success of the industry as a whole.

Christy, an ADEC employee for nearly nine years, was prompted to apply by her supervisor Michelle McGuin, VP of non-residential services. From the onset, Christy says she was “excited by the opportunity to grow as a leader not only for myself but also for what I would be able to bring back to ADEC.” INARF accepts just 20 applicants to take part in the course each year, with a maximum of one person per organization. Each applicant is selected based off of an in-depth essay, as well as industry experience.

ADEC was proud to have Christy represent the organization throughout the trainings as she took part in small group projects, partner discussions, group work, and seminars led by industry experts. She shares “at the academy I learned the importance of looking at how I lead as one piece of the whole of ADEC. I gained a ‘big picture’ perspective and now look more at how the therapy department fits into the big picture of ADEC.”  This has since inspired her to “look more closely at how [the department] directly impacts the mission and vision of ADEC as a whole.” Throughout the course, Christy learned how to create her own leadership mission statement, which impacts every interaction she has as she continues to lead her team. The focused trainings leave Christy equipped as to how to think like an executive manager, and with strengthened leadership characteristics.

To celebrate this grand accomplishment, and to recognize Christy for her dedication to completing this academy on behalf of ADEC, she was celebrated today with a surprise office party, complete with cake and flowers. We thank Christy for her service at ADEC and congratulate her for her continued growth as a leader.