ADEC’s Employment Services Department works towards client employment in local businesses. Working collaboratively with Vocational Rehabilitation and area businesses, ADEC’s Employment Consultants help individuals with disabilities find meaning and purpose through job placements in both Elkhart and St. Joe Counties. They match workers with disabilities to open jobs in the area while also providing job coaching, training, assistance, and support for the employees at no cost to the employer.

Employee Consultant Yuri Reyes Estrada was kind enough to share some of her client’s success stories with us in honor of National Disability Employment Month:


“This client’s name is Emily Krabill and she works at the Soapy Gnome in downtown Goshen. She cleans, wraps, and labels soaps. Sometimes she helps with inventory and on special sales she helps out by bringing her bubbly personality and skillsets. Emily enjoys working at the Soapy Gnome because she enjoys the atmosphere, working with the community and her coworkers.  She says, ‘It’s satisfying.’

The supervisors Jaime and Jenny are amazing when it comes to supporting and encouraging Emily. I feel happy that Emily works at Soapy Gnome and feel confident she is treated with love and respect when I am not there. Emily is constantly learning new tasks and training give the best customer service anyone walking through the door can receive.”

Of course, anyone familiar with ADEC probably knows that Emily wears multiple hats around here. She’s a client at Skills & Training, the President of ADEC Self-Advocates, and the host of our new podcast, Expert Tips by ADEC Self-Advocates. The woman is a marvel, and we are all lucky to know her.

To check out her podcast, which also deals with employment, go here:

Comments from Soapy Gnome owner Jenny Frech:

“Emily makes work a lot more fun! Her sense of humor keeps us all in stitches! A big thanks to Yuri too for making Emily’s transition into our workplace so smooth. I’ll also add that each week, we discover new talents and skills from within Emily that were unexpected. For example, we went to the fair and she was the leader in giving out soap samples, or when we discovered that she loves to write and is really good!

Discovering hidden skills helps us find even more ways to plug her into the business. She recently passed her Retail Sales Academy certification and will be helping customers on the floor at Christmas. Having a trainer that helps out getting the employee situated is so helpful. Emily is a pro now, but anytime we need help with training new skills, Yuri comes by to provide support to make learning the new seamless.”


“Breana Gonzales is one of my clients that recently got a job with Goshen Hacienda. She has been welcomed with open arms, and she is loving her position as a host for Hacienda. In the short time she has been there she is already creating positive bonds with her co-workers and guests. I can tell Breana is happy because she always has a smile on her face, she enjoys greeting the guests and talking and joking with her co-workers.

Hacienda in Goshen is a good place for Breana, because she is cared for and respected. The management team and her training co-workers have been amazing. I enjoy visiting them because it’s always all cheers and smiles. I know this can be her forever job if she continues the good work, good attitude, and dedication over time.”

One of Breana’s managers at Hacienda, Carl Forbes said “Breana has been here less than 60 days, and she is still learning, but she is doing great and she’s reliable, and that’s everything a manager could ask for.”


“This is another of my clients, David Kreider. He works at Fairfield Inn & Suites By Marriott in Goshen. David has been a client of our employment services department for a while now.  He was working at Furniture land for about 2 years and when they closed David was left without a job.  David is driven to contribute to the community by working and giving his best attitude. David helps clean the common areas at Fairfield Inn and he was welcomed by the manager Jennifer Brown.  She gave David an opportunity to show his skills.

Sometimes people don’t know what it means to our clients to give them a chance and allow them to work. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and purpose. David is proud to work at Fairfield Inn & Suites and hopes to perform to their expectations.”

“I’m just so proud of all of them!” – Yuri, ADEC Employment Consultant

Thank you to Yuri and all of our Employment Services Clients. For more information, or to enquire about hiring a Community Employment client, call (574)522-7751 or email [email protected].