While we celebrate the 70th year of ADEC, we want to thank people like Cary Kelsey. ADEC is not like any other place to work, and Cary’s 50+ year dedication is testament to that. It takes the care and support of our communities to keep us going, but we wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that we do without special people like Cary. He worked at ADEC for 47 years in both Direct Care and Administrative roles, retired, and then joined our Board of Directors. Thank you to Cary and to everyone who has a passion for ADEC’s mission.

Please take a minute to read some of Cary’s thoughts below:

“My name is Cary Kelsey. 

I want you to know what an important resource ADEC is for our community and the families who live here.

I remember making a home visit in 1973 with a widow and mother of an adult child with Down Syndrome. In those days we were known as Aux Chandelles. The mom was concerned about the future for her daughter as this was her only child and she herself was aging. During the visit the mother said to me “Cary, don’t you ever leave Aux Chandelles.  I believe what she was really saying was Aux Chandelles don’t you ever abandon my child.  And ADEC never did. After the mother passed away ADEC provided the services and supports for this young woman to live a full and productive life. This included residential, day services, recreation, corporate guardianship and other support services.

In fact, ADEC staff walked with this woman through early onset of Alzheimer’s and later sat with her even as she drew her last breath. 

I am so proud to be a part of ADEC and its mission providing support, choice, and possibility for those we have served in the past and those to be served well into the future.”