Here at ADEC, coffee and doing good are two of our favorite things! That is why we are so excited to announce the Grand Re-opening of Gaining Grounds Coffee Shop. It is located on the Bristol ADEC campus at 19670 S.R. 120 Bristol, IN 46507 but is open to everyone. On November 15th we will be holding a huge Re-opening celebration! For the event, there will be unique art from Art by ADEC, seasonal drink options, and more! We would love to see you there between the hours of 7am to 3pm. We will be open for people to stop by and grab a cup of our seasonal specials before work or have a place to meet and mingle during lunch.

“We are really excited to re-open the Gaining Grounds coffee shop! It’s a great place for staff to stop by for a warm beverage, clients to grow their job skills and for the community to see our client’s creativity come to life through their art. We hope to have groups, like book clubs, utilize our conference rooms, perhaps grabbing a cup of coffee or purchasing a beautiful piece of art while they meet.” – Victoria Finlay, Public Relations Manager

Gaining Grounds is the hub of many things including coffee and food, Art by ADEC, and the rentable conference room we have here at the Bristol ADEC building. There are plenty of reasons to come see the new and improved space, but here are a few of the best ones. Gaining Grounds has cultivated new food options to have sandwiches, muffins, and other food available in addition to their large drink menu. There will be plenty of Pumpkin Spice to go around. The art hung on the walls around the coffee shop will also be for sale. The art is part of Art by ADEC, which is a program that supports art in our day programs and the artist by splitting proceeds between the two. It’s a great opportunity to support ADEC while enjoying things you already love, like art and coffee.

“It would be great for anyone to help promote the coffee shop, Art by ADEC and our conference rooms, whether it’s by word of mouth or through Facebook and our new Instagram page. I’m very hopeful for the future and success of Gaining Grounds, as we turn it into an inviting space for everyone.”-Victoria Finlay, Public Relations Manager

See you on the 15th (and any day after that too)!