Mark your calendars for a fall shopping trip anytime between Friday, Aug. 26 through Sunday, Aug. 28. For these three days only, you can save 25% off* at Macy’s with a $5 Shop for a Cause savings pass. Every $5 savings pass purchase will go directly to ADEC’s General Fund.

ADEC’s General Fund exists to fill the gap between traditional funding and program costs. Chief Development Officer Jessica Koscher describes this gap and the importance of the General Fund as “The Black Crayon Theory.”

Imagine if someone asked you to draw a picture of a sunset, but only gave you a black crayon. You could sketch it out and get the general idea across, but it wouldn’t come to life without a full pack of crayons.

ADEC’s black crayon is the fee-for-service funding we receive from Medicaid and the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services. It makes the basic service possible, but there’s nothing special or personalized about it.

When ADEC receives community funding and individual donations, we add to our pack of crayons. It takes a basic day services location and transforms it into a vibrant community with a variety of vocational options and personal choices built into the day.

You can expand ADEC’s pack of crayons simply by participating in Macy’s S14_SFAC_lockupShop for a Cause event this year. You may purchase your $5 savings pass by contacting Jessica Koscher ([email protected], 574-848-2421) or at any of the following locations:

ADEC’s Administration Building
19670 State Road 120, Bristol, IN 46507

ADEC Industries
2700 Industrial Parkway, Elkhart, IN 46516

Gaining Grounds Goshen
114 E. Lincoln, Goshen, IN 46528

Gaining Grounds Middlebury
801 Wayne St., Middlebury, IN 46540

For the 11th year, Macy’s stores across the nation will be partnering with local schools and organizations to raise funds for their ongoing charitable efforts as part of the Shop for a Cause campaign. Since 2006, Shop for a Cause has raised tens of millions of dollars to benefit the causes most important in your local community.

The Fine Print

With each savings pass, you can save 25% off throughout the store on an assortment of regular, sale and clearance merchandise. You can save 10% off on electrics/electronics, watches, furniture, mattresses and rugs/floor coverings. At each Macy’s store, savings pass holders are also eligible to win a $500 gift card, no purchase necessary.