You don’t have to live in the North Pole to be Santa Claus.

At ADEC, we help community members play the role of Jolly Ole St. Nick at Christmas by pairing them with our clients who don’t have anyone to buy them gifts for the holiday.

Our staff help identify the items that those individuals need and want for Christmas and put them on our Wish List. We then pair our individuals with people in the community who want to help deliver holiday cheer.

Nearly 70 of the people we serve need your help this Christmas, and there are several ways that you can give.

Not everyone has time to go shopping, so if you’d like us to do the legwork for you may make a monetary donation and we can pick out just the right gifts for our clients.

If you want to do the shopping yourself, we have the list of clients, including the three items that they want for Christmas, available online. You may choose to buy for more than one client, but please only choose those clients for whom you intend to buy all items.

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This year, we’re also allowing the community to sponsor our Day Service locations in Bristol, Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury and Mishawaka. Each location has compiled a Wish List which will help to make the holiday — and the entire year — full of more choice and possibility for all clients.

If you’re part of an organization or a group, we can help structure a giving plan for you and your employees based on your goals.

The 2018 Wish List is now open for you to select clients from. Simply complete the form and a list of items will be emailed to you. Wrapped donations must be submitted by noon Friday, Dec. 15, to the administration building in Bristol at 19670 S.R. 120.

For questions about the Wish List, call Joe Kuharic, communications specialist at ADEC, at (574) 848-2443, or email him at