When Team Manager Ashley Frayre took a look at the ADEC order history from a popular supplier, she noticed large discrepancies in billing. Some day service locations were paying $80 for a box of paper towels, while others were paying $40 for the same box.

“I was really upset about it,” Ashley remembered. “I mean, I understand businesses making a profit, but this is ADEC. Now everything is the same, and I ask, ‘Is this the best price you can give me?’”

Ashley took a hard look at the bottom line and asked the representatives several questions to figure out why the price differences were occurring and how she could intervene. In the process, she took over the ordering responsibilities for all day services so she could oversee the big picture and make sure things were uniform.

“If staff says, I’d really like to see Clorox wipes, I look and see—Is Clorox the only brand we can get?” Ashley says of the new ordering process. “Can we get an off brand? How many are in a box?”

When Don Wierenga, director of adult habilitation and assistive technology, looked at the mid-year financial statements for day services, he noticed a $23,533 reduction in supplies from the same time last year.  Don credits Ashley with this success.

“She has already gone above and beyond to get the numbers down,” Don said. “And the numbers show it—in just six months.”
Don explained that of the $23,533 reduction, $11,000 came directly from Building Two savings. Her work has inspired others to work for a change as well.

“An effort like this cannot be ignored . . .” Don said of Ashley’s work. “She improved other programs too because she helped them save money. It’s really a culture shift. When it comes down to it, it all comes back to her and her initiative.”

Ashley is quick to give the credit to the people around her and emphasize the importance of team.

“It’s really a group effort,” Ashley said. “No one person is going to be able to do all of that. I’m happy I’ve got the group I do. My team managers are a lot of help. They’re the ones who go and do the shopping at Walmart.”

Looking toward the future, Ashley has been able to use these savings and her relationships with representatives to implement more assistive technology in the day services. On Friday, February 27, automatic soap dispensers are being installed in day service locations. This will make it easier for clients and staff. It will also save ADEC money on soap refills in the long run.

“Ashley’s an awesome example,” shared Team Leader Pam Pedersen. “She sees those little details that most people would probably miss.”

Article by Whitney Craig | Communications Specialist

Photo by Rod Tackett | Communications Specialist