Every Wednesday from October to March, the Silver Bullets — ADEC’s official 70-player basketball team — put their skills to the test against community members.

The Silver Bullets square off in about 20 games against community-based teams in the gym of Bristol Elementary School. They often play Old National Bank; the Bristol Fire Department; the Osolo Fire Department; Kiwanis Club of Elkhart; New Hope United Methodist Church; the Boy Scouts; the Girl Scouts; and students from Elkhart Memorial High School.

There is some debate about where the team gets its name. Some say it’s named after the Lone Ranger’s bullets, while others say it’s named after Bob Seger’s band.

The team was originally formed in 2003 as an alternative way for the people ADEC serves to have an opportunity to exercise.

“The music and rec therapist wanted some activities where our folks would get up and move,” said Becky Curtis, ADEC activities coordinator. “When we started, no one even knew how to dribble a ball!”

The players learn the value of teamwork, and they always look forward to gameday, and there’s little doubt that ADEC clients know their way around the court now; it’s not uncommon to hear shouts of “Air ball!” being lobbed from the Silver Bullets bench at the opposing team!

Thanks to a generous donor, the Silver Bullets receive new jerseys every season. And in 2016, Old National Bank donated 14 new basketballs to the team, but with 70 players, they can always use more!

ADEC staff get the honor of playing against the Silver Bullets for the first game and the final game of the season. The winner gets extreme bragging rights.

The final game of the season will be from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 28, 2018. If you’re interested in volunteering to play on the staff team for that game, send an email to [email protected]. Play ball!