Endeavoring to improve and expand services for people with visual impairments and for infants and young children in need of early intervention services, the facility at Williams Street was renovated in 1983. A grant funded the improvement project. Within the same grant, facilities at 2700 Industrial Parkway were purchased and ADEC Industries was born. In its infancy, ADEC Industries offered vocational programs, adult daily living courses and personal adjustment classes.


ADEC Industries was opened in 1983 at its current location on 2700 Industrial Parkway.

Expansion continued within ADEC’s group home division in the 1980s. Eventually ADEC would grow to include 11 group homes. Answering to the needs of individuals age 55 and over who experience vision loss, Northern Indiana Independent Living Services (NIILS) was established. Grant funded to serve five north central Indiana counties, NIILS provides tools and training to older adults with vision loss. Previously, older adults with vision loss faced the difficult decision of depending on institutional care. With training and support from NIILS, they can continue to maintain their independence and live in their own home environment.


ADEC’s Visual Impairment Services (bottom left) expanded after receiving a grant to provide services for seniors in north central Indiana. The Northern Indiana Independent Living Services (NIILS). NIILS continues service currently at the Bristol campus.

In mid-1980s ADEC established a prevention office focusing on research and community education about preventable birth defects and disabling conditions.