Help us drive independence.

  • 110+ individuals transported

  • 15,000+ miles driven monthly

  • 10 vehicles in fleet

Did you know ADEC has a fleet of nearly 60 vehicles that log more than 600,000 miles a year? That’s a lot of rubber hitting the road!

We transport more than 100 clients each week on our seven transportation routes to our day service locations. Each of our group homes also have their own transportation, meaning you’ll see the people we serve out in the community having fun.

Imagine how much money you spend on your vehicle each year — add up the gas you put in your tank, your registration fees, new tires, repairs, and unexpected expenses. Maintaining a bus is more costly than a passenger vehicle. And when you’re maintaining 60 buses, those costs add up quickly.

When you support ADEC’s transportation services, you’re helping to drive independence and dignity for the people we serve.

Hit the road for ADEC


Purchase one tire


Purchase one set of tires


Fill our tank for 1 week


Fill our tank for 1 month

Sponsor a ride.


Sponsor a ride for one


Sponsor a ride for a person in a wheelchair

Give us a ticket to ride.

What if you had to ask for a ride every time you wanted to leave your house? Relying on friends and family for transportation curbs independence, but ADEC provides an immediate solution for those we serve.

No one needs to ask for a ride at ADEC, because we’ll pick them up.

However, one trip a day is often the most government funding will provide. At ADEC, we know that the people we serve have more places to be and people to see, so we pick up those extra costs. Help us give the people we serve a ticket to ride.

Purchase a gift for transportation

100% of your donation provides greater opportunities with more choices and possibilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ADEC carefully chooses goods and services we believe will have the greatest impact on those we serve. In rare instances, the generous donations of our supporters and sponsors will exceed what is needed in a gift category, and ADEC will redirect those funds to similar activities to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have A Life of Their Own. Contributions are requested with the understanding that ADEC has control over the use of all donated funds.

If you would like to give across multiple programs, visit the full online catalog order form.