Amidst the hustle and bustle of the giving season, it’s essential to recognize the profound ripple effect that each act of generosity creates. When you choose to support ADEC, you’re not just providing a gift; you are reminding individuals that they are valued and cherished, providing joy. The act of giving can take on many forms; from grants and scholarships to donations and volunteering, but the purpose remains the same; to make a positive impact on the community and create connections. Please consider extending a helping hand to ADEC this giving season as we work to build a stronger community, one donation at a time.

Every year, ADEC staff and our gracious community members work together to ensure individuals with disabilities wake up to joy and feeling thought of on Christmas morning. ADEC’s Wish List program allows community members to become elves to shop for individuals’ desired gifts. These gifts range from books to bicycles, but no matter the size or value, they all hold the same impact of feeling cared for and never alone.

You have the opportunity to participate in spreading joy during this giving season by choosing one of the 140 individuals from our Wish List program, purchasing items on our day program Amazon Wishlist, or contributing funds towards this year’s Wish List needs.

ADEC’s Wish List program not only delivers presents but also unwraps smiles and laughter. As community members embrace the role of elves, they become threads in a larger narrative of compassion, weaving a story where everyone is included, celebrated, and thought of during the holiday season. As you consider ADEC this giving season, envision the smiles your contribution can bring, the connections it can forge, and the love it can spread!

Join Us During Giving Season 2023

Become a Wish List elf
Shop for an individual so they feel thought of during this holiday season by having Christmas presents to open alongside others!
Shop the Day Program Wish List
Make a donation to our Day Programs through our Amazon Wishlist, providing them with needed supplies!
financial contribution
Make a financial contribution towards our giving season, allowing us to purchase the remaining gifts and requested program items!

If you have signed up to be a Wish List Elf this holiday season, please remember to drop your gifts off at our Bristol location before December 1st!


1671 W. Vistula St., Bristol, IN. 46507

Hours of Operation:

We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm

Our office will be closed on November 23rd and 24th for the Holidays!