On September 12, the sun smiled down on ADEC’s Bristol campus as the Coachman Auto Club hosted a Cruise In event. Anticipation filled the air, especially with the ominous clouds threatening rain, but luck was on our side as the skies cleared, making way for the most beautiful weather. What transpired that day was nothing short of exciting, as ADEC, car enthusiasts, and community members joined hands for a day of fun, generosity, and celebration.

The event, organized by the Coachman Auto Club president, brought together classic car enthusiasts who displayed an impressive lineup of vehicles. From the sleek 2003 and 2008 Chevy Corvettes to the iconic 1952 Chevy Camaro and the powerful 1970 Ford Mustang, the classic car aficionados showcased their beloved rides, offering a feast for the eyes of attendees. But the Cruise In event was about much more than just cars. It was a display of community solidarity as participants from the public came bearing donations for ADEC. Moreover, the event saw the Indiana state police, Bristol police, and Bristol fire department join in the festivities, showcasing their own vehicles, including two police cars, two fire trucks, and an ambulance.

Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of the day was the presence of individuals served by ADEC’s programs. Their joy was palpable as they explored the classic cars, sat in police cars, tried on firemen helmets, danced to music, and indulged in delicious donuts. Their radiant smiles and unbridled enthusiasm filled the atmosphere, creating a profound sense of togetherness.

At the end of the event, trophies were awarded to the most outstanding cars: the 1970 Ford Mustang and the 1951 Chevy Camaro, as well as a special trophy of appreciation to the Indiana state police, Bristol police, and Bristol fire department for their unwavering support and participation.

In the end, the Cruise In event transcended the boundaries of a typical car show. It became a symbol of the power of community, where different groups came together to share moments of joy. The Coachman Auto Club, Indiana state police department, Bristol police department, Bristol’s fire department, and members of the public deserve our heartfelt gratitude for creating a day filled with smiles and memories.