ADEC intends to use the funding from the FSSA Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant to continue to provide value-based payments to our staff and reward them for continuing to provide high-quality services during a difficult time. These payments will include one or more of the following based on funding received:

  • Merit increases for existing staff.
  • Rate increases for staff who progress through our DSP Certification Program.
  • Overtime compensation driven by staffing shortages.
  • Holiday pay to reward employees for continuing to work during crucial times.
  • Retention bonuses for employees who remain employed by ADEC for specific time periods.
  • Referral bonuses for current employees who had recommended new hires.
  • Additional retention expenditures for existing staff, including events and ADEC branded gifts.

We believe that these activities will enable ADEC to receive and distribute these funds to Direct Service staff in complete compliance with the grant in question. Timing of the distributions to employees will be based on timing and size of grant receipts.