I am pleased to deliver a special announcement to all ADEC employees and to all hopeful new hires that are considering joining this extraordinary organization.  ADEC is announcing a new “Sustainability Bonus 2.0” that will be given out to all active employees in two payments: September and December.  We know that is several months away, but it is great news to share and for you to plan for.

Starting off with a message of thanks to our DSPs.  The work that you do greatly impacts those we serve and their families.  We understand that many of you are working extra hours to fill open shifts–thank you very much for your commitment and caring.

We are thankful to the families and clients that trust us to serve them and provide exceptional care. Here at ADEC, we take our staffing needs seriously; it is a top priority. Recently, we’ve increased the starting pay for Residential and Day Program Support Staff to $15/hour and current employees across the agency received a pay increase.  Lisa Kendall, VP Human Resources, shared “This is reflective of the value of the essential work our staff do every day to help those we serve.  They make an impact every day.”

We thank our DSPs for their commitment to those we serve and our programs over the past fifteen months as we lived and worked through the coronavirus pandemic.  We continue to enforce all our COVID-19 procedures and protocols, such as wearing masks.   Over the next couple of weeks, we will evaluate when we can start to sunset some of these precautions.  Particularly, since the vaccine is so readily available.  We know many are looking forward to coming back to our day programs, so please tuned for updates on our website and social media platforms.

I am happy to report that we have redesigned and improved our New Staff Orientation for our new hires. Our orientation will have a more comprehensive, field-based approach in our on-boarding process.  New hires will be provided with more time up-front in the field working directly with clients and trained staff.  Doing so gives new employees more time  to meet and interact with the clients before their full workload starts.  The exposure will help us right away to say, “Is this the right fit?”

There has been and there may continue to be in the near term lots of work hours and personal sacrifices as all of us work to achieve our mission of hope, choice, and possibility.   I am grateful and thankful, and I know our clients and families feel the same.

And… our staff feel the same.  Denine Caldwell, a rockstar DSP at our Bristol day service program shared, “Working at ADEC has been most rewarding and challenging; it has helped me grow as a human being and more importantly, as a special needs mom. What you learn working here is how to include others into your life and have a deep understanding for all.”   Denine also added, ““There is so much love to give and not everyone is willing to give that. I feel that love from our clients. It is not every day that you go to a job where others reciprocate the same way you feel for them.”

I couldn’t agree more.

So, what is this Sustainability Bonus 2.0 that we are announcing today?  Well, it is our way of giving to you, ADEC employees, additional economic support, and relief. You may recall, we paid out a Sustainability Bonus 1.0 in two payments in December last year and most recently in April.  These monies were from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA).

The FSSA grant funds, called Sustainability Grants, were awarded to agencies like ADEC to stay open and continue services. The monies are intended to provide some financial support to help maintain staff and facilities and to enable agencies to continue providing services.

ADEC proactively applied and received Sustainability Grant 2.0.  We are again paying the total grant amount back to ADEC employees in the form of two payments. The first on September 3rd payroll and the second on December 10th payroll.

Just like last time, our commitment is that 100% of these awarded monies are going back to you, employees of #teamADEC.

Every active employee will be receiving a personal letter sent to your home address.  This will tell you the amount of the bonus payment you will receive if you are still actively employed in ADEC in the same role and status, at the time of payment.  The total amount of your bonus depends upon your role and employment status.  The minimum for all current full-time employees is $600.   So, please check your U.S. postal mail for an ADEC letter announcing your bonus.

And all new hires looking to join our team, starting at $15/hour, you will also be able to look forward to a varying bonus payment, depending upon your hire date.

ADEC is extremely pleased to support our most valuable resource – our employees – because they ensure ADEC will continue providing services to individuals and families.

I believe in our mission and our employees, #teamADEC.

In closing, on behalf of the executive management team and the Board of Directors, a heartfelt Thank You to all ADEC employees.  We look forward to giving you Sustainability Bonus 2.0.

Be Safe and Be Well.

Donna L. Belusar Ph.D.