Our client Robert has been having a tough time lately. On Friday ADEC lit up its secret bat signal and asked Robert’s hero to make a surprise visit to his home…

The response on social media, and chatter within #TeamADEC around the buildings, has been overwhelming. Out of hundreds of posts to the agency’s Facebook page, the video is the first one to reach over 6,000 people, garner over 600 clicks and receive over 500 reactions in nearly two years – dating back to an Aug. 24, 2018, post announcing the new Gaining Grounds Center in Bristol. (numbers as of June 11)

“It shows the love we have for Robert and it aligns with the agency’s mission that the possibilities are endless when we have an inspiration like this,” said Tobi Weirich, ADEC’s director of protective services and guardianship.

If you’re reading this, you probably have seen it at least once on our Facebook page. However, if you missed it, the video above will assuredly give you a smile this morning.