If you follow ADEC, you’ve assuredly seen or heard the phrase “picture possibilities” recently. Is it a literal picture or a figurative visionary picture? It’s both, really. There are hundreds of directions possibilities could be going in but, so long as your imagination is working, the first step of the picture possibilities concept is already working.

A fundraiser that is also a “funraiser” as a replacement for Ride-A-Bike, picture possibilities is a virtual event where everyone can creatively complete any or all of our four themed challenges, share their results on social media and celebrate reaching their goals, whatever they may be, by donating to ADEC’s programs. A fundraising packet is located at adecinc.com/picture or just click the donate button yourself.

Presented by Thor Industries and Froggy 102.7, picture possibilities runs from June 28-July 31 in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act which was signed into law on July 26, 1990.

The possibilities are endless for both your potential and these challenges. Can you picture how great everything will look in the final picture?


What is it?

Picture Possibilities is a celebration of all that you can do with an aim of raising money that will 100% directly contribute to ADEC’s underfunded programs. Challenge yourself to do things, share the results on social media and celebrate what you have accomplished. Then, challenge your friends to see if they can do better and let the momentum grow.

Either send us the photos and videos directly to share on ADEC’s official accounts or post your own using #PicturePossibilities. If you’d like us to share your posts, please make sure your post is marked public and not private.

When does this happen?

From June 28th through July 31st, with weekly challenges for four weeks and then a general celebration for the final one.

Active Challenge (June 28th-July 4th): Show us what you can do! Shoot baskets. Ride a bike. Dance. Play cornhole. Try yoga. Win a board game. Build a puzzle. Touch your nose with your tongue. Rub your belly while you pat your head. Remember the broom balancing craze that took over our Facebook pages just before COVID-19? Go for it! We want to see what you can do.

Thank A Hero Challenge (July 5th-July 11th): None of us ever take enough of an opportunity to say “thank you” to those who inspire us. Whether your hero is your parent, your DSP, your favorite football player, a historical figure, an entertainer, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or just a life-breathing morning cup of coffee (preferably from Gaining Grounds), pause for a minute to thank them.

Art Challenge (July 12th-July 18th): There are few things ADEC clients enjoy more than art. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, jewelry maker, woodworker or whatever, make some art and show it off!

Baking Challenge (July 19th-July 25th): Another annual ADEC event that was lost to the pandemic was our Cupcake Wars competition between the day centers. Set those same creative juices free with this challenge! Show us what you made and, if it’s particularly tasty, we’re always happy to receive some 😉… the title is baking but really it can be any form of cooking. Show us some burgers from your backyard cookout, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or even just how you warm things up in the microwave. If you made something to eat, we want to see it! And, maybe even taste test it ourselves if there are leftovers.

Celebratory Culmination (July 26th-July 31st): Stay tuned for details about a special culmination of our month-long celebration of our community’s possibilities.

Where can I do this?

You can do it ANYWHERE! It’s a virtual event. You can participate from home, a park, an ADEC facility or wherever you may be. While we lost the community feeling of gathering at Northridge High School for Ride-A-Bike, we gained the benefit of not having to be at one specific place at one specific time. Be creative! Take advantage of it!

Why is ADEC doing this?

There are two answers to this question. First and foremost, we wanted as best as possible in a virtual world to recreate both the community feeling of Ride-A-Bike and also the lost fundraising component of what has been our signature community event of the past 48 years. Additionally, we believe that the 30th anniversary of the ADA is an event which warrants celebration for all that it has done to improve the lives of our clients.

Who does it?

If you are reading this, you are invited to participate. If someone is reading it to you, you are invited to participate. You can do it by yourself. You can include your friends and family in your videos. You can include your pets. Throw in your favorite stuffed animal if you’d like. You can be as creative as possible and the more the merrier!

So, keep your eyes peeled to ADEC’s social media channels and #PicturePossibilities starting June 28th for some interesting content. Also head to adecinc.com/picture for any details we may have missed here.