Jonny is a force of nature. Described by those who know him as very energetic and hyperactive, he has an uncanny ability to light up any room he enters. Jonny knows how to get the party started and how to keep those around him smiling with his infectious enthusiasm. He possesses an extraordinary spirit with his genuine love for people and his ability to get along with anybody.

Jonny began working with ADEC through our Elkhart Day Program. Over time, Jonny’s desire to gain the experience of living on his own, drove him to transition into residential care at one of ADEC’s group homes. His loving and supportive parents played a pivotal role in advocating for him, as well as assisting with his transition into the group home. For Jonny, this move represented a step towards independence and self- discovery. Transitioning into a new living arrangement can be challenging for anyone, but ADEC’s dedicated staff made sure Jonny felt at home from the moment he arrived.

Monica Hill, House Manager, recalls her commitment to making Jonny’s transition as smooth as possible, saying, “I tried everything I could to make him as comfortable as possible because I knew he was used to living at home with his family.” She emphasized that the group home wasn’t just a residence; it was Jonny’s apartment, a place where he could be himself. When Monica told Jonny this was his new apartment, he responded with enthusiasm, exclaiming, “Wow! That’s awesome, Monica, that’s awesome!” His excitement and acceptance of his new living space demonstrated the success of his transition.

While living in the home, Jonny maintains a strong and loving relationship with his family, who continue to support him on his journey at ADEC. They actively participate in ADEC activities, often picking Jonny up and joining in the fun. This connection allows them to spend quality time together and create lasting memories despite Jonny no longer living with them.

Monica sums up Jonny’s impact on the home, saying, “Jonny keeps us upbeat. When he came to the group home, he brought such a good spirit into the house. Having him a part of my life is very exciting.” Jonny’s vibrant personality is matched by his equally vibrant passions. His deep affection for music, particularly the energetic beats that get him moving, reverberates throughout the entire house. Adding to the household’s excitement, Jonny hosts thrilling game show marathons fueled by his love of Steve Harvey. Moreover, he keeps the staff “in the loop” on the latest social media trends, through his love of TikTok.

Jonny’s time at ADEC has been transformative and his progress has been a testament to his capacity for growth and development. Through his time in residential care, he has become more independent, a vital step towards achieving his goal of living on his own. The supportive environment at ADEC has enabled him to explore his abilities and gain confidence in his capabilities. His transition to residential care has not only enriched his own life but has also added a burst of energy and happiness to others. His journey reminds us that with the right support and a positive environment, the individuals we serve can make a profound impact on the world around us. This story is a testament to the power of care, support, and community found within our residential program.