Across the United States, during the week of September 9–15, 2018, we take the opportunity to highlight and say “thank you” to the dedicated and innovative direct support workforce.  We, here at ADEC, genuinely honor the compassion and dedication of our direct support professionals (DSP) in the intellectual disabilities field.

Who are DSPs?  They are the staff working daily to provide direct personal care, direct personal services, direct personal choices, to the individuals and families that ADEC support.

Many of us have a family member or know someone who is a parent of a child or an adult with an intellectual disability.  Finding out your child has an intellectual disability is life-changing.  It brings about feelings of fear and isolation for what the future holds.  Reach out, and you will find ADEC, our DSPs and all our trained staff, will surround your family with a strong support system.

This support is our very mission — to provide choice and possibility, every day — for those we serve.

I was recently asked what I wanted for my children when they grow up. Though my children are now all adults and off seeking their own adventures, the answer remains the same: “I want them to be happy, healthy and safe.”

This is the charge of direct support professionals, our DSPs. They ensure the wellbeing of individuals in their care. They are helping with personal care, ensuring medical care, broadening the person’s connections in the community, helping employment training, supporting behavior support and a wide variety of other support based on individual needs.

Not everyone’s life will be directly impacted by someone with an intellectual disability.  However, all of us can understand the need for a strong DSP workforce to provide quality care to our community’s most vulnerable neighbors, your neighbors.

ADEC says “thank you” to all Direct Support Professionals for the difference they make in peoples’ lives every day.


Donna L. Belusar
President/CEO, ADEC